Coparate Culture   Company Breif   honor


Corporate Developing Strategy


To Concentrate on Core Business
To Consolidate Proficient
To Fulfill Standard Management
To Found Reputation

  Managing policy
  marketing orientation and centralized development

Corporate Marketing Strategy


Innovating the new thinking to exquisite the market, Implementing a special and new marketing philosophy for a better development” 

  Corporate Spirit

Open-up, Hardworking, Strictness and Delicateness and Seeking Truth

  Working ethic
  There is no difficult for diligent, success comes eventually with heart and soul

Corporate Core Value


To Prosper the Company, To Benefit Employees, To Redound upon the Country


About Us

      China National Chemical Engineering Third Con
struction Co., Ltd (TCC), formerly known as The Thi
rd Chemical Engineering Construction Company of
China, as a member of China National Chemical Eng
ineering Co., Ltd (CNCEC), was founded in 1962, a
nd was restructured as this limited company in Sept
ember, 2008. TCC is a leading comprehensive cont
ractor in chemical and petro-chemical area with top
licenses of general construction contracting for che
mical and petro-chemical projects, with also license f
or foreign trade, engineering design, project  super
vision and consultation. We are licensed for  boiler r
epair and restructure, design of Type I, II pressure l
oading vessels, shop fabrication and field assembly
of all kinds of pressure loading vessels, installation
of all kinds of pipe lines, installation and repair of ho
isting devices, and NDE operations. We are granted
Triple – A enterprise by China Engineering Constr
uction Society Credit Commission, and are ... ...
Honor List
1 Outstanding Enterprise in Science and Technolo
  logy of Year 2010

National Quality Management Award

1 National Construction Quality Management Excell
  ent Enterprise
1 Lu Ban Award Project -- 25,000 t/y Cellulose Ace
  tate Flake Plant (Phase II) of Nantong Cellulose
  Fibers Co., Ltd
1 Lu Ban Award Project -- 300,000 t/y Ethylene Co
  mplex Project in Shanghai
1 Lu Ban Award Project -- 450,000 t/y Ammonia Pl
  ants of CNOOC (Hainan), also selected in 100 Cl
  assic Projects in 60th Anniversary of China P.R
1 Lu Ban Award Project -- 800,000 t/yr. LOP Plant
  of CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. (C
  SPC) , also selected in 100 Classic Projects in 60
  th Anniversary of China
1 160,000t/yr MDI Project, Ningbo Wanha Co., Ltd,
  Gold Award for National Quality Excellence ... ...